Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. Darcy Vampyre / Review

Author: Amanda Grange
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark (August 11, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1402236972

My Review:

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are married only a short time before Darcy begins to exhibit strange mood swings. The couple is on their way to a honeymoon in France and beyond, taking Elizabeth into a strange world that is completely foreign to her. Although, she likes Paris, she becomes aware of how different their lives are - how simple her former life had been, compared to his. Darcy is a gentleman of great wealth, recognition, and social standing, while she had been only the daughter of a country gentleman. Eventually, she is swallowed up in a cold, vulgar world of wealth, position, and dark personalities. Throughout the book, Elizabeth shares her misgivings and unhappiness in letters to her sister, Jane.

Although, the reader must suspend all previously conceived fantasies about the married life of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, this book proves to be exciting for any fan of gothic romantic thrillers. From dark ancient castles to the elegant ballrooms of Paris, the author transports the reader into a place far from the delightful walls of Pemberley. Amanda Grange has created a new twist for Austen addicts, even though it may be too far flung for the purist, or the Jane Austen scholar.

I give the book 5 stars for having as its author a woman who writes beautifully, and can step outside the box with her imagination. It is well-told and unforgettable.

(Thank you to Sourcebooks for my review copy.)


  1. I totally almost bought that the other day in WalMart... I made it as far as the checkout line with the book and decided I didn't need to add to my "To Be Read" pile. I'll keep it on my list though :o) Thanks for the review!

  2. Great review! And speaking of the Darcys, I received the two Pemberley Chronicles books that I won from your site and they are beautiful! Can't wait to read them and share my thoughts. Thank you again.