Saturday, June 13, 2009

Broken Wing: A Review

"Broken Wing"
By- Judith James
440 pages
Publisher-Medallion Press

Sarah, Lady Munroe, better known as the Gypsy Countess, and her half brother Ross, Earl of Huntington, are in search of their little brother James. He has gone missing; they have hired investigators to hunt for him. Upon hearing the news that their baby brother has been found living in one of the finer Parisian brothels, the two set out to bring him home to the safey of their family, though expecting the worst.

Arriving is Paris, Sarah and Ross find James has not been harmed, only because a male prostitute, Gabriel, has befriended the little boy and protected him at all costs.

Gabriel is intelligent, musically gifted, and handsome, but has known nothing else but life in the high-class brothel, having been brought there as a child, himself.

Little James is insistent that Sarah and Ross obtain Gabriel's freedom and bring him home to live with them as the child's companion. They offer Gabriel the position, which he accepts, and strike an expensive deal with Madame Etienne for Gabriel's release.

This is where the love story begins and what a love story it is! Taking place in the Napoleonic era, it is full of secrecy, danger, suspense, and intense romantic devotion and desire. It takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure into the lives of Sarah, Gabriel, Ross, Gypsy Davey, and an assortment of other interesting characters.

Judith James has created a well written, sexy, fast moving, extraordinary book that the reader can barely lay aside once they open the book and begin to read.

Readers who are looking for historical romance, high adventure, a page-turner, and don't mind adult content, will love this book as much as I did.

Note: Thanks to Judith James for my review copy.

(I'm reviewing the book on this blog because it is so close to the Victorian era. You can also find the review at The Serenity Gate.)

Happy reading!

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