Sunday, June 14, 2009

Margaret Oliphant

A few weeks ago I read "Hester" by Margaret Oliphant. It was the first book I had read by her and it quickly became one of my all-time favorites. I thought it would be interesting to have a comprehensive list of her works, so listed below are what I believe to be all of her novels.

Novels by Margaret Oliphant

1849-Margaret Maitland
1851-Caleb Field
1851-John Drayton
1852-Adam Graeme of Mossgray
1852-The Melvilles
1852-Katie Stewart
1853-Harry Muir
1854-Magdalen Hepburn
1854-The Quiet Heart
1855-Christian Melville
1857-The Athelings
1857-The Days of My Life
1858-The Laird of Norlaw
1858-Orphans: a Chapter in Life
1858-Agnes Hopetown's Schools and Holidays
1860-Lucy Crofton
1860-The House on the Moor
The Last of the Mortimers
1863-Heart and Cross
1863-The Rector and the Doctor's Family
1863-Salem Chapel
1864-The Perpetual Curate
1866-Miss Marjoribanks
1866-A Son of the Soil
1866-Madonna Mary
1869-The Minister's Wife
1870-John: a Love Story
1870-The Three Brothers
1871-Squire Arden
1872-At His Gates
1873-Innocent: a Tale of Modern Life
1874-For Love and Life
1874-A Rose in June
1875-The Story of Valentine and his Brother
1876-The Curate in Charge
1876-An Odd Couple
1876-Phoebe Junior
1877-Mrs Arthur
1877-Young Musgrave
1878-The Primrose Path
1879-The Greatest Heiress in England
1879-Within the Precincts
1880-He that Will Not When He May
1880-A Beleaguered City
1881-Harry Joscelyn
1882-In Trust
1882-A Little Pilgrim in the Unseen
1883-Hester: A story of Contemporary Life
1883-It Was a Lover and His Lass
1883-The Ladies Lindores
1884-Sir Tom
1884-The Wizard's Son
1886-A Country Gentleman and His Family
1886-Effie Ogilvie
1886-A House Divided Against Itself
1886-Oliver's Bride
1887-The Son of His Father
1888-Cousin Mary
1889-Lady Car
1888-The Second Son
1888-The Land of Darkness
1889-Neighbours on the Green
1889-A Poor Gentleman
1890-The Duke's Daughter and The Fugitives
1890-The Mystery of Mrs Blencarrow
1890-Sons and Daughters
1891-The Railway Man and His Children
1892-The Cuckoo in the Nest
1892-Diana Trelawny
1892-The Heir Presumptive and the Heir Apparent
1892-The Marriage of Elinor
1893-Lady William
1893-The Sorceress
1894-A House in Bloomsbury
1894-The Prodigals and Their Inheritance
1894-Who Was Lost and Is Found
1895-Sir Robert's Fortune
1895-Two Strangers
1896-Old Mr Tredgold
1896-The Two Marys and Grove Road
1896-The Unjust Steward
1897-The Lady's Walk
1898-That Little Cutty
1898-A Widow's Tale

Are you acquainted with Ms. Oliphant's work? Which would you recommend?


  1. I'm not acquainted with her work, but man is that some list! I'll have to try to find something by her at my bookstore!

  2. Anita- It's amazing how many books she wrote. She's a wonderful writer.

  3. I am currently reading The Marriage of Elinor. In my opinion it is one of Mrs. Oliphant's finest novels. I heartily recommend it. It is available as a ebook from Project Gutenberg. Her stories of the Seen and the Unseen are very good ghost stories. Of these, Old Lady Mary is my favorite.

  4. Carolyn- Thanks for the suggestions. I love ghost stories! I'll be sure to look these up.

  5. Both Phoebe Junior and Miss Marjoribanks are in print (Nonesuch and Penguin Classics respectively) and both are very good. The Sorceress, the Ladies Lindores and the Cuckoo in the Nest are very much worth hunting down- but are difficult to find.

  6. has some Oliphant novels for free download. Some are formatted for ebook devices (e.g. Kindles); but some are in HTML format - Miss Marjoribanks, He That Will Not When He May, Madonna Mary, Hester.

  7. I stumbled upon Miss Marjoribanks a year ago and fell in love with Mrs. Oliphant! I highly recommend the entire Carlingford series- I've read all except the last, Phoebe Junior. Some plod along at first-feel bogged down and bored then suddenly everything comes together and keeps picking up speed. Especially good was The Doctor's Family.